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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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>> i'd like to call to order
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the tuesday, april 26, 2011 regular meeting of the entertainment commission for the city and county of san francisco. please call the roll. >> commissioner meko? motorcycle here. >> commissioner perez? >> here. >> president roja? >> here. >> we have a quo rom, commissioner cavellini is absent. >> we are going to lose one commissioner after an hour. after public comment, i'm going to go right to the action items and then that will conclude the meeting. so if you're here for anything else -- everything else will be continued to the next meeting. public comment, number one members of the public.
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item a, madiigan, the san francisco marathon, loud speaker application, july 31st, 2011 from 5 p.m. in various locations. >> commissioner, the marathon as you know, and i looked it up online, i might be wrong has been run since 1977, and it's obviously a marathon. they also run a half marathon, a 5-k. the race runs through much of the city. i think there are over 20,000
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runners on the course throughout the day. there are thousands of spectators along the course as well. the race requires a street closure which i also attached behind this memo for you to look at and amplified speakers to amplify human speech and music. these locations are attached to the permit application and indication where there is a plan for human tiering or other similar activities. the reason we're here is that there have been complaints in the past few years and i've attached an e-mail. at certain locations at 17th and guerrero, 17th and wisconsin and mariposa where we got directly quite a number of complaints. so staff is presenting permits here for your consideration. northern station -- we sent this application to four
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different stations as it does run through four districts. northern stations indicated that they do not recommend amplification at the location at fort mason at the safeway and at lower hate between lower scott and buchanan. any sound systems must point away from residential buildings. the other two baby station and park station just says recommendation for approval and didn't indicate that they had any issues with specific location. so again, staff is recommending granteding this permit but with your consideration with some conditions related to live d.j.s or bands that area is within a hearing distance, if you will, and then the start time to be considered seriously. so pam is here and her assistant to answer any questions you might have about specific locations and then
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i'll just be happy to take direction, specific direction going forward to issue this permit. president roja: ok. commissioners, any questions? none? my question would be -- is it possible for your event to comply with the request from the different play stations that have made the requests? >> yeah, it is. definitely. no, we started putting -- we've got an application now for bands and d.j.'s, certain restrictions for them that they're going meet. when we're going to pay them after the event. we're implementing a new program with monitors for lack of a better word. they'll be monitoring to make sure that bands, cheer stations everything is complied with our
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permit. >> ok. >> yes. commissioner meko? commissioner meko: members of the public, who do they call? >> well, i guess members of the public would -- we can set up when they're calling those mile monitors. commissioner meko: why don't we get a central phone number that we can publicize that they can call who will be empowered to respond immediately directly to the sight in question to shut the music down. >> ok. commissioner meko: let's attach that as a condition. president roja: i'm just guessing that the calls would go to 311, the complaints? because if they call the place they'll refer them to 311? >> no, they refer them to me.
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president roja: ok. to you? i think it's important when people call and complain we can get a hold of somebody responsible to evaluate and respond to the complaints that are being received. commissioner meko: director kane, what's your opinion? can we reprogram 311 on short notice? or would it be better to publicize a complaint line? >> i think that all of that needs to get done. i think if we can request the applicant to put that number on the website, we will definitely let 311 know and also dispatch sfpd because that's a separate number. i mean, it's certainly possible for me and -- and potential bosh and crystal to put on our outgoing messages that -- commissioner meko: this would be most efficient is to get a number associated with the
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event producers who can then direct that call to someone who's finger is on the button. >> in their panic at 5:00 to try to make a phone call and try to bring it back to where it belongs. otherwise it goes to my voice mail and i can't do nothing. last year, our event was held the same day another street festival was held. so i certainly wouldn't be able to do anything about complaints regarding another noise with another festival. so i would see that, you know, a number that is on our sight that's directly responsible for the noise that our event is making. makes a lot more sense in directing 311 to our phone number if i'm understanding what you're asking. >> you say one thing -- commissioner meko: you have to speak in that. >> one thing that we can do for that is something as simple as a google voice number, you
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know, that you create a google voice number. it for wards to our monitors, whoever speaks with first. and at the end of the event, that number gets disconnected. commissioner meko: sounds a little too high-techy. we want a live -- >> it would be a live person. it's basically a way to give out a number of the public without actually giving out someone's personal cell phone number. the other thing, the commissioners considered as director kane mentioned not only location but start time. we had complaints starting at 5:00, 5:30 a.m. president roja: i'm looking at the schedule here. >> and that's definitely something that needs to be considered. this event is something that has been going on for a long time. we're lucky that we have a few years of data that we can look
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at and we know that certain locations are problem locations and you can look the schedule that you have in front of you that staff supplied you, you guys can look at it and within two seconds you're going to look and you're going to go, oh, that's going be a problem. that's going to be a problem. so that's something to consider for conditions in this permit. >> just some things that we're doing to address that is that part of the application and the rules and regulations for each band, you know, in the past, they started -- as soon as they're set up and they start their sound check and they start their practice, no band will be allowed to start until a runner is within sight. it's going to narrow that time when they're just playing to the neighbors who aren't there to listen to the music. so -- president roja: ok. ms. kane did you have any other -- we have the request to eliminate music at mason --
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fort mason at safeway and at lower hate and we're going to turn away the amplifiers from all residential structures. did you have anything else that you wanted to add to that? >> well, i hadn't really picked out locations other than obviously the ones that i mentioned in my memo that i got phone calls around. so i need to go back and compare them. but this 16th and guerrero, is that still -- that's not included already? 17th and wisconsin? >> yes, 17th and wisconsin is a guitar duo this year. >> a guitar duo? >> their ampersand is two girls on guitars. >> like a flying v or like a -- >> like an anne defranco.
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>> and then mariposa? >> we have a chair station there. you know, even if your station is going to cause problems with the neighbors -- >> our tier station is not amplified and therefore -- commissioner meko: they're not within our jurisdiction. >> but other than that, commissioners, i -- you know, i can't tell you in advance who's going to have a problem. but if you can eyeball the list at all. president roja: you know, it sounds reasonable to me. but yeah, commissioner perez? how are you communicating to the performing artist? to provide a rara encouragement for the runners but not
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necessarily to overplay themselves so that they're now disturbing the neighbors. is there some kind of orientation or message to the band so that we invite you to come here -- sometimes they're used that. but this is a different kind of event. what's your way of communication to them? >> i'm not sure if you have copies of this. if you need some, i have copies here, the commitment papers that the band has to sign before they're going to perform. do you guys need one? pass one out to you.
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so this year we did add a couple of items that weren't included in the past, including the course monitor aspect which you have to report specifically to this monitor before you start, when you stop, when you're loading out, if you were also introducing the -- you don't get paid if you don't follow the rules clause. if they start before the designated time, if they're asked to stop playing for whatever reasons, you know, they won't get paid. and the other item that we added is that basically if there is any noise restriction, for instance, speakers have to be facing north south. it can't be pointed towards residential buildings. we're going to have a separate call, a separate meeting with them. and then the individual mile monitors will be going through to make sure that the setup of the speakers is correct.
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that they're facing the correct way that the decibel levels are being monitored. commissioner perez: thank you. president roja: you can have a seat. we'll see if there is anybody from the public that would like to -- >> thank you. president roja: thank you. anybody from the public wish to address this application? seeing none, commissioners? commissioner meko: i would like to move to approve this unless there's any further discussion here with the specific locations that the various police stations have called out as being excluded from the flight sound and with the addition of to tell phone number that i discussed and i'd like to specify that that number, that you work with our staff to set up the most efficient way to do this and that you have a complaint
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number posted on your website, you know, prominently posted on your website two weeks prior to the event. so that if there are any bugs that need to be worked out, it can be done with plenty of time to spare. and i think that's it unless any commissioners have any additions to that. president roja: no? ok. do we have a second on that motion. >> seconded. call the roll please. commissioner roja? president roja: eye. >> commissioner meko commissioner meko: aye. >> and have fun. i've run it twice in my former life. i think if i tried it again there would be a need for an ambulance. ok.
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item b, young choo. d.b.a. playgrounds. buchanan is place of entertainment. >> this applicant has applied for an entertainment permit. this location is a korean restaurant, it's a type 48 abc license and three karaoke rooms on the mezzanine level. entertainment is planned from 5:00 pnl through midnight. until 2:00 a.m. friday and saturday. these karaoke rooms hold a total of 22 people. the die grams of the location are attached and again, the best thing to do is -- behind this memo, all the way back is the drawing, i think. the applicant is located oen a
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pedestrian-only part of buchanan and japan town across from the peace plaza if you're familiar with the area. also please see the liquor license conditions i attached as well. planning indicates this is a permitted use and the police department has recommended approval with some conditions. hopefully you can find them there. they're the ones from northern station and they pretty much mirror, i think, what you'll see in the abc conditions. so at this point, staff is recommending conditional grants of this permit. president roja: ok. any questions for ms. kane from the commissioners or the applicants? >> can you find this -- i'm sorry it's a little bit confused. it's all the way behind those letters.
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president roja: i'm sure they're here. ah, here it is. >> you got it? >> i do have a question. seeing that there is some karaoke going on in this establishment, is this an 18 and over type thing or is it 21? >> 21. >> did the occupancy for the place -- how many people can you hold? >> 90 people maximum and the karaoke room is about 2 2 people. commissioner meko: and you have how many exits? >> pardon me? commissioner meko: you have how many exits? >> we have three exits. commissioner meko: and you're talking about having one security person? >> yes. commissioner meko: how is one security person going to cover
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three exits? >> the main exit and through the mezzanine area is the main exit. so we figure out the two exits. commissioner meko: so one entrance and exit and the other two would be treated as emergency exits? >> yes. commissioner meko: ok. fair enough. president roja: any other questions? ok. you can have a seat. you know what, i can't find the northern station recommendations. >> ok. it's all the way to tend. i'm sorry. yeah. president roja: here's their
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application right here. i need to go back the other way? >> all right. president roja: go forward not back. this seems to be all marathon stuff. ok. ok. i got it. ok. they're kind of mixed together. there. ok. ok. so -- got it. ok. have you seen these requests for conditions? it says hours shall remain the same sunday through wednesday 5
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:00 to 12:00. sound shall not be audible outside. no locks allowed on any karaoke rooms. so you're good with those conditions? >> yes president roja: commissioners you have any questions? ok. that's fine. have a seat. is there anybody from the public that wishes to address this permit application? ok. seeing none, it's in the hands of the commission. commissioners? >> move to approve. commissioner meko: with the police conditions attached -- president roja: yes. commissioner meko: ok. i'd like to second that. president roja: ok. call the roll. ok. your permit is granted.
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ok. next item is winer steiner inez d.b.a. the enda 4016th street, place of entertainment. >> ok. commissioners, yes, this is the one and only enda back in front of you. this is actually an application for a place for entertainment. they're also transforming all the extend hours to a full table permits. it's four permits all together. they applied for these permits in mid march to transfer ownership from a previous partial ownership. this business plan has been changed at this location for many years. most weeks it's a 24-hour nightclub and bar with d.j.s. the applicants have been
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working for many years and have no plans to change the format. attached as you see are many letters of support from the applicant. planning has indicated this is a permitted continuation of an existing use. the police department has recommended approval with a single condition for acquiring surveillance cameras at the front door and retention of it for 30 days. staff is recommending a grant of this permit because probably for about the third time in my history here at the commission all the sign-ups have been received. so they are ready to go depending on what it is that you guys say tonight. president roja: ok. commissioner meko? commissioner meko: we're finally talking about a venue that goes back longer than i do.
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>> whoo-hoo. commissioner meko: so of course, i'm very predisposed to want to move this forward and i know the community is behind it as well. i however, about some portions of your questionnaire in your application particularly the neighborhood contact section of it. have you met with any local neighborhood associations or other groups concerning your proposed use of the premises? you say yes. and you say the south to market business association. you know, some south american business association is not a neighborhood organization. if you wanted to speak with the neighbors you could talk with the som pac which have their
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offices about a block from you. the group clementina cares offers a group that's directly impacted by your club as well. there's a new organization on shiply and clara on 5th which would be close to you. 5th and 6th, soma forward. there's another organization representing the filipino families who live in the alley who is also would be impacted that's the south american community action network. but all you left is the south america business association. and curiously, i ran into henry last night who is president of that organization and he was had been contacted by you.
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so i did send him a copy of this question this morning and he wrote back to me and -- let me find the e-mail. must be honest and say that i have not heard anything from these folks. i did, however, speak in their support when they first took over the club. maybe that is what they are referring to. but i think it's a clear indication -- the question you're responding to is have you met with any local neighborhood associations or other groups concerning your proposed group of the premise and the president of the organization says no. this appears directly above the declaration which you have seened here under which you declare under personality of perjury that the foregoing is
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complete and correct. i understand that constitutes cause to revoke the permit if granted. it seems to me that, you know, some may question whether we have legal authority to require neighborhood outreach, but in this case, the form that you filled out here does have this declaration attached to it. and your choice of words here does not seem to be consistent with the declaration that this information is true and correct.
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i also noticed on another question where they asked whether you are within a 500 foot radius of any parks, schools, salons that you neglected to mention victoria minella park which is clearly a couple of hundred feet of you. i'm wondering if you request a continuance to give yourselves enough time to number one, actually meet with a neighborhood organization and number two, correct any errors that might be on your application because otherwise according to this language here, we would be put in a position where we would have to deny this. >> i definitely, you know, am in support to rectifying the problems that -- that's in my application. part of the -- saying